We have rearranged the dining room for a safe and comfortable dining experience that meets/exceeds all current recommended Covid-19 guidelines for restaurants. Extra furniture has been removed, providing wide pathways for moving through the restaurant and 6'+ spacing between tables.  We'll have the windows and screen door open as usual, providing recommended airflow and you can be assured that all shared surfaces will be disinfected between patrons.  We have self-certified with San Juan Basin Public Health according to their Covid-19 restaurant reopening guidelines and for anyone interested those criteria can be found on their website: sjbpublichealth.org


Covid-19 REQUIREMENTS for our diners in order to help us comply with state & local health/safety regulations during this world wide pandemic:

* Restaurant guests must proceed DIRECTLY to the restaurant parking lot (15 mph!) once they have entered Electra Sporting Club and proceed DIRECTLY into the restaurant at their specified reservation time. ALL OTHER AREAS WITHIN ELECTRA SPORTING CLUB ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY AND CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.


* Out of respect for our hardworking Boathouse employees and ALL of our restaurant guests, HANDS-FREE FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED TO ENTER AND EXIT THE BUILDING AS WELL AS AT ANY POINT WHEN YOU ARE NOT SEATED AT YOUR TABLE.

* Please practice social distancing between yourself and those not in your dining party.  It is very exciting to finally be out and about in public, but please MAINTAIN 6 FEET SOCIAL DISTANCE AND WEAR A MASK  when saying a quick hello to anyone that is not part of your reservation. 


* Please arrive at the restaurant entrance at your specified reservation time to help us provide the recommended social distancing between our dining parties.  If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle until it is time for your reservation.


* Reservation party size is limited to 8 people.  Your reservations party size is determined by the number of humans you plan to have sitting at your table, regardless of size or age.


* We accept reservations by phone up to 3 weeks in advance.


We look forward to providing you with a fun, delicious, & safe dining experience.



Jenn & Dave Stewart